Now for the iPhone, iPad and iPad-mini.
Introducing InstiComm Version 5.0 for
InstiComm Mobile and InstiComm Manager
In advance of the massive and comprehensive diagnoses coding revisions scheduled for October 1 of this year by CMS, we are pleased to present InstiComm 5.0 for Apple mobile devices. It incorporates the new ICD 10 codes and provides crosswalks between the old and new numbers and descriptions. This newest release of our charge capture software features:
  ➢ Complete ICD 10 diagnosis coding
  ➢ ICD 10 to ICD 9 diagnosis crosswalk
  ➢ ICD 9 to ICD 10 diagnosis crosswalk
  ➢ Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) suggestions for ICD 10
  ➢ Updates, enhancements and corrections for some screen displays

"An affordable, user-friendly solution for mobile charge capture
and management of patient encounters."


  • Captures and sends patient encounter data with as few as 7 screen touches!
  • Provides cell network access to patient data, census lists, provider schedules and tables
  • Allows wireless transmission and storage of encounter audio notes and photo images


  • Costs as little as $50 per month (or 20 cents per encounter); does not require a lengthy contract
  • Increases communication between providers, office, billers, transcriptionists and referral sources
  • Uses “crosswalks” to convert ICD9 codes to ICD10, and to add the proper CPT modifiers


  • Receives and transmits sensitive PHI through a fully-encrypted, HIPAA compliant network
  • Eliminates the need to hot sync or tether; uses either the cell data network or WiFi to transmit & receive
  • Reduces lost, missing or overlooked encounters and charges; replaces paper posting sheets

We offer full HL7 interfacing capabilities for most EMR/EHR systems.

"We are very pleased to endorse the InstiCommMD medical charge capture and communication system.  We don't think that there is anything we could say that would exaggerate our satisfaction with the product, support, customization and responsiveness of InstiComm.  Whenever one implements new software, it is always wrought with justifiable apprehension.  InstiComm totally remove all anxiety from the process.  The ongoing relationship with InstiComm, the return on investment, and the efficiencies achieved there from have all been totally gratifying and quite positive."

David Wortman, Practice Administrator
Victory Internal Medicine, P.C., Staten Island, New York

"Precision Practice Management is a large, multi-specialty revenue cycle management company supporting hospitals and medical practices nationwide with medical billing services, practice management software and clinical (EHR) software, technical infrastructure hosting and network and internet support services. Precision made a detailed survey of many hospital charge capture products in the marketplace and chose InstiComm for its robust features and functionality, for its ease of use, and for the manner in which Insticomm supports its products. Precision has now introduced Insticomm to its client base with great success, serving a range of individual practitioners to large practices and to hospital systems.  InstiComm is particularly effective in managing multi-location and multi-physician rounding, which is often functionality that other charge capture systems cannot manage."

Mike Barnell, CEO
Precision Practice Management, Creve Coeur, MO

"You are the most responsive company I have ever worked with.  I am incredibly pleased with the product and everyone I have dealt with at InstiComm."

Evelyn P. Kroop RN, CPHQ
Faxton-St Lukes's Healthcare

"InstiComm always goes above and beyond to help our company and clients.  I appreciate the overall attention to detail and prompt response when communicating.  InstiComm is the only company I work with professionally or personally that I can say that about."

Katherine Chadbourne
Implementation Specialist

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 New Client Summer Special!!
Join us during July and August for a free fifteen (15) day trial of our basic* InstiCommMD, Mobile and Manager software.  Pay no installation, training or other set-up fees.  If you like our product, just pay the normal monthly fees, which will not begin until the end of the trial period.  This offer is good only until August 31st, 2014, and is the least expensive and most effective way to start using InstiComm Charge Capture.
   (*Offer applies only to practices with fewer than ten providers.)