About InstiComm

InstiComm LLC was formed in 2006 to market solutions for healthcare practice management using wireless business communication tools. The first of these solutions is the InstiCommMD designed for healthcare providers that have patient encounters outside the office setting.

Management Team:

James E. Doty – President and CEO

Jim Doty is the past president of HealthCare Partners, LTD. (HCP) Management Services and consulting Division (the parent company to The Camden Group); past executive vice president and chief development officer for PivotHealth, and a founder, president and chief executive officer of The Camden Group. He has over thirty-five years of healthcare experience and is specialized in management service organization development (MSO), physician group practice management, primary care group practice development, foundations and physicians integration, hospital strategic planning and development, and the myriad of hospital/physician relationships. Mr. Doty is a recognized speaker on healthcare issues from the physician’s point of view. Mr. Doty received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

W.D. Bert Newman – Chief Operating Officer and CFO

Bert Newman’s career in health management spans some twenty-five years, and it includes experience in home health care, home infusion therapy and medical practice management. In each of these fields he created, built and managed privately-owned companies that were innovative and pioneering in their respective specialties. Mr. Newman holds the Bachelor and Master degrees from Whittier College (California) has done post-graduate work at the University of Southern California. His business experience reflects a variety of interests, with special emphasis on the start-up and growth of new concepts in healthcare and related fields. He currently functions as a private investor concentrating in venture capital opportunities in the bio-technology, medical devices and healthcare industries.


John C. Shovic, PhD - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Shovic was previously CTO of MiloCreek, a consulting and services firm specializing in cyber-security with a focus on supplying expertise in computer security regulatory and technical areas to financial and medical institutions. As a founding member of the bankCDA Board of Directors, he currently serves on its Technology, ALCO and Loan Committees. For the past four years, he has also served as a Professor of Cyber-Security at Eastern Washington University, at Washington State University and at the University of Idaho. He has worked in industry for over twenty years and has founded six companies: Advance Hardware Architectures, TriGeo Network Security, Blue Water Technologies, MiloCreek, LLC, InstiComm, LLC and bankCDA, a community bank located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Dr. Shovic has twenty-four years of experience in technology transfer, software development / management and engineering and business consulting in a variety of companies and industries.

Barbara Ueckert – VP, Customer Service Operations

Ms. Ueckert has been Managing Partner of MiloCreek, a consulting firm specializing in technology transfer, company / product development and cyber-security with a focus on computer security. She brings over thirty years of professional experience in management, operations and corporate administration to a wide variety of industries including construction project management, civil engineering, education governmental agencies, medical services, software development, semi-conductor development and sales, and industrial / environmental systems development. Ms. Ueckert was recently appointed by the Governor of the State of Idaho to the Board of Directors of Idaho TechConnect, Inc., a state-funded initiative to improve the environment for entrepreneurs in the state.


Robert J. Morrissette – Software Engineer

Mr. Morrissette began doing software engineering/ programming in 1992 while working for an automotive research and development company, assisting in the fulfilling of government contracts. Their involvement included the Department of Defense (DOD), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NASA. He developed an engine cycle analysis software program that analyzed and processed engine cycle data and instrumentation, outputting it as 3D, interactive, rotatable graphics. He has developed customized e-commerce sites, data compression algorithms, an on-line signature capture program, image manipulation and editing script, secure credit card processing, website design and development, and database creation and implementation. His experience also includes business management, grant writing and fulfillment, automotive engineering, conference speaking, sales, and book publishing.