Features and Capabilities
...Remote access from any computer - anywhere
...No need to hot-sync or tether phones/pads
...Proprietary internal e-mail
- fully encrypted
...Custom templates, bundled codes, "wildcards"
...Hierarchical ICD9/10 coding with HCC designations
...Crosswalks for ICD9 to ICD10 and for CPT modifiers
...Two way communication between office / providers
...All providers have instant access to colleagues’ rounds
...All electronic records, including photos and dictation, stored at no additional cost
...All office, billing and admin staff have access to ICManager at no extra cost
...Complete patient search and record recall provided
...Thorough reporting capability including: trial/final billing and exception reports; census, scheduling and management reports
... Used by billing companies, medical technicians, nursing agencies, hospitalists, mid-level providers and medical specialists
...Periodic software and code list updates provided at no extra cost


InstiCommMD is an elegant and powerful software application that enables physicians and other healthcare providers to communicate patient encounter data, including dictated directives and photo images, wirelessly and instantly to the office staff, colleagues, consulting physicians, billing companies and others.

Our software was designed by practice management specialists to increase communication between group physicians, their office, and their billing staff to eliminate lost charges, increase cash flow and coordinate patient records and rounds.  All of our efforts in developing the InstiComm software have been directed toward capturing the most patient encounter data with the fewest possible screens and key strokes.  Our new iPhone application is easy to learn, simple and intuitive to use.  All encounter data can be retrieved by the office/biller in multiple report formats, or it can be merged with your existing EMR/PMS systems using our HL7 interface capabilities.

InstiCommMD consists of two distinct but interlocking pieces: