InstiComm Manager

The InstiComm Manager provides the administrative, management and support functions that turn the remotely submitted encounters from the providers' iPhones into usable data for billing and scheduling purposes. It is an InstiComm hosted application (ASP) requiring no software installation on the provider's office computers, or any integration with current office software. However, our software is fully HL7 compliant and can interface with most popular EMR/EMS systems.

Billing ReportEach individual practice or group has its own hosted application housed on InstiComm's secure servers. These servers, and all data transactions stored thereon, are fully HIPAA compliant providing maximum security and privacy. All data is backed up on a regular basis to an encrypted storage media for additional security. The provider's office staff accesses the InstiComm Manager on the Internet using a web browser via a secure https connection. Through this secure web portal the office staff can perform patient maintenance and schedule changes, and access all data and information sent to the InstiComm Manager from the provider's iPhones.  Naturally, all data remains the property of the provider and his/her practice.