InstiComm Mobile

The software installed on the medical provider's iPhone/iPad uses the cellular data network, or WiFi, to securely transmit the provider-entered patient encounter information without hot syncs, WANS or LANS.

The software interface fully utilizes the iPhone’s touch screen technology, making data entry simple and fast. The provider can enter and update information about a patient or group of patients; enter new patients, diagnoses and services, dictate follow-up notes, attach photo images, and then transmit this wireless charge capture information to the office and to colleagues. In addition, InstiComm Mobile allows the mobile healthcare provider to download and have real-time access to important patient information, active patient lists, on-call schedules and communications. Each provider within the group has access to the same information, lists and schedules through their own password protected iPhone, reducing the need for direct contact with other members of the group.

All information sent from your iPhone, or to your iPhone, through the InstiComm network is fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant.  No data resides permanently on your iPhone.  It is never necessary to hotsync, tether to a PC or to find Wi-Fi hotspots to transmit or download data.  All of your records are housed on our secure servers, and are transmitted via the cellular network with complete privacy assured.

The Combination of InstiComm and your iPhone/iPad: