“The Ultimate in Mobile Physician Communications and Charge Capture.”

What can $77*per month/provider do for your practice?
(*Our average monthly charge)

Mobile providers (any provider seeing patients in any facility outside their primary office) can securely communicate with the office, delivery facilities, other providers, and the billing company using their iPhone and iPad and the InstiComm (IC) cell and web-based software.
        IC is secure and HIPAA compliant, with access and permissions defined by management. Use IC to dictate directives, chart/progress notes, discharge summaries, and patient status. Take and send pictures of the patient, pre/post op wounds, hospital face sheets and more. Request, track, and schedule patient follow-up appointments with you or other providers. Immediate posting of charges, encounters, ICD9 –ICD10 and HCC diagnosis codes, audio or text notes, photos and patient updates to your office and others in the network. Document requests for consults or other clinically needed services.
    Interface (HL7) with your EMR, the hospital’s EHR, practice management and billing company systems. (Additional charges may apply depending on complexity of the interfacing.) IC can be a stand-alone system without the necessity of interfaces, if desired. IC is designed to work in parallel with your EMR, not to replace it. It features appointment and on-call scheduling and various management/billing reports.   It can be a “mini” EMR for all services rendered outside the main delivery system.
    IC is simple in design, user friendly, and takes only minutes to learn to operate.
IC can create a clinically integrated network (CIN) for any ASC, SNF, hospice, or home care facility. It can fill the gaps in any existing CIN of a health system.
  * Any provider (employed or independent) can be a part of a network, and be linked to their office at the same time.
  * IC functions as an EMR for those services provided within the specific remote facilities.
  * IC can be contracted as a part of any ACO, PCMH, or risk based contract as a CIN.
In full risk contracts, IC tracks and accounts for all patients seen outside the traditional facilities.
Any single or multi-specialty medical group can benefit in a significant way by creating a seamless electronic and communications record regardless of where the patient is seen, while immediately capturing the billing information necessary for improved cash flow and financial profitability.